Authentic Pizza Napoletana

True Neapolitan pizza should be a balance of all its ingredients. The tomataoes should be bright. The mozzarella- salty, sweet, and creamy. The basil- aromatic and vibrant and the olive oil should bring it all together with a delicate finish. The dough (flour, water, salt, yeast- that's it!) should be soft and chewy within yet the crust, or "cornicone", should be crisp and blistered by the flames of the wood fired oven. These few ingredients produce the most delicious pizza when used correctly. Come visit and see for yourself!



1958 Washington Valley Rd, Martinsville, NJ 08836





(732) 667-5290


Tuesday - Friday we open @ noon.

Saturday and Sunday we open @ 5pm.

We close at 9pm during the week and 10pm on Friday and Saturday.